It is now easier to secure your doors and access points using Biometric access control systems. TRACTEL have successfully installed integrated biometric security devices, and have enhanced access control and employee management at affordable rates for several organisations.

Our entry systems are designed to ensure that access to certain locations is granted only to duly authorized people and that such access is monitored according to our clients’ needs and specifications.

Tractel’s Access Control solutions are available for complex, multi-location enterprises as well as for single-Building facilities, and for organizations with few to thousands of employees. We supply and install a wide range of Access Control systems (Advanced Biometric fingerprint/card and Face recognition technologies) from basic systems for homes with few doors, to more intricate systems handling several thousands of users across several locations and entry points.

Our access control software generates a variety of reports, which enables managers to identify which personnel have accessed specific entryways, and trace their movement within the facility. We provide real-time data collection for effective and immediate access to information throughout an organization, allowing a company to improve efficiency and enhance performance.

In addition to our Access control solutions, we supply and install advanced
Time and Attendance systems that enhances effective time and attendance management. Our biometric device makes it convenient to monitor and record the specific time an employee arrives and closes work every day.  With our access control and Time and attendance solutions you are assured of accurate reading and reliable matching results. We will provide the solution that meets your need.

With our Solutions you will:
  • Eliminate unauthorized overtime and limit designated areas to authorized personnel only.
  • Define the exact time interval when employees can enter the facility.
  • Lock out or warn employees who try to clock in or out when they are not scheduled.
  • Control admittance to secure areas of your company.
  • Lock out unauthorized personnel.
  • Have your employees punch clock in/out when and where they are supposed to according to company policies, not their own.
  • Force late arrivals and early departures to notify the supervisor in order to punch.
  • Control access by employee, time of day, and day of week.

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