At the heart of our property security solution is the BURGLARY ALARM SYSTEMS. They are best deterrence for potential intruders. Tractel offers a range of cutting edge alarm systems of international certifications, with solutions tailored to meet every client's specific needs. We have the perfect alarm systems for every application, whether for intrusion, fire or other hazards. With our well-equipped experienced technical team, we design and install commercial and domestic alarm systems with the utmost protection for businesses and homes.

Most burglars are deterred by two things: the prospect of getting caught and the existence of security measures like alarms. Our principal aim is to stop burglaries. But if they happen, the aim should be to catch the perpetrators.

We have installed Burglar alarm systems for several facilities in Ghana. And with the added support service of Edern Security Services, their well-armed response vehicles and hundreds of trained security officers strategically located in several parts of the city, our clients are assured of the best security that we can provide.

FIRE…. it rages and destroys all in its path, leaving its victims little time to respond and extinguish it. However, statistics show that the greater percentage of raging fires can be effectively arrested in the early stages in which they smolder. This fact forms the basis of our Fire Detection and Alarm Systems.

We supply and install Fire Detection and Alarm Systems, which fall into two main categories – Conventional Systems or Analogue Addressable Systems. Conventional Systems are well-proven means of fire and smoke detection and alarm, which are often the natural choice for smaller premises due to their simplicity of design, installation and more importantly, affordability. Analogue Addressable Systems however have more flexibility, intelligence, speed of identification of location of a fire threat and scope of control. They are best suited for larger premises and more complex system requirements.
We also provide fire alarm system accessories like strobe lights, emergency lighting, luminous fire-exit signage and varying types & sizes of fire extinguishing canisters.

Get in touch with us for an evaluation of your alarm system requirements.

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